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Lucky You Productions is a unique full-service wedding production AND florist/design house. With more than 15 years’ experience, owners Rachel and Amanda can accommodate all types of floral orders: from all-inclusive floral production to just family and personal flowers. We believe that every wedding should be extraordinary; therefore you can mix and match the services that fit your needs.
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Pop! Goes the Color!

By Amanda Schoenbaum, Lucky You Intern
with assistance from Rachel McCalla, Weddings and Events Director

The tradition of a bride wearing all white is definitely changing. Adding a pop of color to the dress, shoes, makeup can be exciting, unique and make a statement.

Adding color to your dress can be done in a variety easy changeable ways. For example, adding a vibrant colored tulle under the dress will add a fun element to your pictures. Images by





Another popular way to add color is with a fabric sash or flowers.  More and more brides are staying traditional at the ceremony and then “jazzing” it up at the reception. This is a great way to add color and style without breaking the budget!

Picking shoes with a pop of color is an easy way to keep in the tradition of wearing a white dress. In today’s market, shoe color is limitless! However, most brides stick with their color scheme while others decide on blue shoes to represent their something blue.  Super cute!
Images by


Playing with makeup can be a beautiful and exciting way to add drama to their look. Make up artists we like are Amanda Willson, Michael Shed, Tami Scott, D’Shannon Llewellyn.  Please see our vendor page for more info.


Adding color to the veil will accent your hair and face with color with committing to ultra-vibrant make-up (which isn’t for everyone).  Perfect for your entrance at the reception!  Image by

With brides looking for ways to personalize their weddings, adding pops of color is an easy, effortless way to incorporate your style!

Kudos from a Happy Couple

Thank you so much for all your hard work as our wedding day coordinator. We were so glad to have you be a part of our celebration! Everything was absolutely amazing, and it was so nice to just sit back and relax on our big day, knowing that everything was under control and in such capable hands. Thank you again for everything, and we really enjoyed working with you.

We were delighted that you could be a part of our wedding celebration. WE really enjoyed working with you to create the perfect centerpieces and pick out all the beautiful flowers. We got so many compliments on the centerpieces and the bouquets! Thank you again for all your hard work and for making our wedding day picture perfect! Best wishes, and we look forward to recommending you to friends.

M & M (Happy Couple)

All About Glitter!

By Sherice Fleming
Intern at Lucky You Productions

Adding glitter to your decorations is a great way to take a traditional wedding to a modern one. Glitter can be included in your scheme by using glitter linens, dipping feathers in glitter or even taking mason jars and covering them in glitter to add a romantic feel.

Glitter linens can be incorporated in various ways. They can be placed on all of the tables, creating a luxurious feel to your reception. If you feel like it would be overkill to have all of your wedding tables covered in glitter, try using the glitter linen on the head table and use plain linens on the others.

Another great way to use glitter linens is using glitter chair covers. The chair covers add a subtle hint of glitz, but allow you to incorporate your wedding colors on the table cloths.


A beautiful, but more subtle way to add glitter into your wedding is dipping various decorations in glitter, for instance, feathers. Dipping feathers in glitter is a fun way to incorporate the two trends of feathers and glitter into your reception. These can be added in with the flowers on the tables or maybe even just in the bride’s headpiece. Either way the little hints of glitter will glam up your wedding.

Mason jars themselves add a soft and romantic feel to any wedding reception, but dipping half in glitter also makes it glamorous. Mason jars are so inexpensive and it is an easy do it yourself project to incorporate glitter!

Pinterest is a great way to plan your Dream Wedding

Check us out on our new Lucky You Pinterest Page! There are so many great wedding examples and wedding ideas to look through – you’re bound to get inspired. Everything is nicely organized into categories for easy viewing.

Joining Pinterest is free and easy. It’s a great way to gather up or “pin” any images you want from anywhere on the web, including Pinterest itself, and organize them onto your own personal pinboard online. It’s great for inspiration, new ideas, as well as gathering and showcasing your interests.

Pinterest is also a great tool to use for designing your dream wedding, by allowing you to pin wedding examples and wedding design ideas to your Pinterest Page as you browse the web. Just go to their website under help, and get started – You can download their “pin it” button under their “Goodies” section for easy pinning. Once you join, our Lucky You Pinterest Page is a great place to start planning and getting wedding ideas. Just click on the pictures that interest you for a closer look, and if you like something, you can re-pin it to your page.

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Images are by Josephotography

Green Weddings





By Heather Stankovic
Intern at Lucky You Productions

Many companies and households these days are “going green.”  Why not join the parade and make your wedding day just as eco-friendly?  Starting with the engagement and wedding bands, you can find great products made of recycled metals, or restore old jewelry into new.  Decorations and invitations are easy too.  Things made of 100% recycled paper are the way to go.  Home-made decorations are even better and electronic invitations cut back on money as well as help with your eco-friendly theme.  When it comes to floral arrangements, it is okay to use flowers.  Organic and locally grown flowers are a perfect option, but if your budget is tight, you can try paper (recycled of course) or glass flowers.  Glass and other recycled material are great to incorporate into your centerpieces and small décor pieces.  Another idea: host an outdoor ceremony or reception and bring in natural light and beautiful surroundings; but don’t forget to bring those recycling bins. If outdoors is not for you, try having your ceremony and reception at the same venue to cut down on travel for guests and emissions.  And finally, when it comes to gifts that you don’t need/want, ask guests to donate their gift money to your favorite charity instead.  Eco-friendly weddings are great!  Combined with any color combination and budget, you can turn your big day into a special day for everyone.

Alizarin Crimson or Venetian Red?
Oscar Wilde was once quoted saying, “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” It is true that colors and our relationships with colors have a dramatic impact on how we feel. Whether it’s looking at beautiful artwork, picking out our clothes for the day or decorating a new apartment, colors can say a lot to someone without saying anything at all. Weddings are no exception–especially when this is the most important day to show all of your friends and family who you are as a couple.

My sister is getting married in a few months and I am intrigued by the fact that whenever I tell someone she is engaged, one of their first questions is, “what are her colors?” Well let me tell you, we are about to drown in fuchsia and turquoise. However, coming to that decision was one of the first steps and possibly hardest parts of planning her wedding. She really wanted the right ‘feel’ for her day. Colors on their own have meaning. Whether it’s purple meaning royalty or wealth, or green, which is the color of nature and life, all colors mean something and people have a reactions to the color choices picked for weddings. For example bright colors can make a couple seem energetic and vibrant, while earth tones can signify calmness, and anything yellow to me just feels happy. This is something that The Perfect Palette tackles ( This blog helps you to find, well, the perfect palette for your special day. Whether its romance or whimsy this blog helps you put the feel of your wedding to the perfect colors. Another genius website I came across was In 2010 The Dessy Group partnered with PANTONE to allow brides (and grooms) to coordinate your colors with Pantone Color Swatches that you can leave with your bridesmaids, florist, wedding planner & more. That way everyone can be on the same page with the exact color and feel you are looking for.No matter what, when deciding on a color scheme don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Let color combination’s surprise you, and go with what you like and makes you feel good. Because, after all, who said red and pink together aren’t anything but beautiful?
-Morgan Drawe

Castellano Wedding!

Lucky You Productions (Floral and Decor Division) was proud to take part in making Tricia and Mike Castellano’s wedding day an unforgettable event! Designed by Amanda Hill, Director of Floral and Decor at Lucky You, the bridesmaid’s bouquets we made up of tulips, dendrobium orchids, spider mums, button pomps and hydrangea with black ribbon loops within the arrangement as an accent. The bride’s bouquet was a showstopper with beautiful white Gerber daises, dendrobium orchids, spider mums and button pomps. The ceremony site was beautifully decorated inside and out. The door decorations were made of roses, bells of Ireland, Kermit pumps and wax flower. The aisle was adorned with pomanders made of button pomps, spider mums and chrysanthemums. Lastly, the cake was decorated with spider mums and white gerber daises. A special thanks to L’Photographie for the most amazing pictures!

Written By: Kelsey Juern

Feather Frenzy

Trend Alert: Feather Frenzy!

Feathers are a fun addition to any chic brides wedding day. Celebrities have been incorporating feathers into their fashion looks and even their bridal looks (think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2). This has sparked a huge trend that has influenced weddings. They can be incorporated through design elements to make your big day one of a kind. With so many different types and colors to choose from, feathers can be selected to go with a variety of elements in your wedding. You can incorporate them into your wedding attire, decorations, cake, and bouquet. As far as bridal attire goes, feathers add a texture that has been part of designer’s inspirations this year on the runway.It can be seen all throughout a brides wedding day look from the dress to the headpiece to the shoes. Maybe you are not ready to hop on the feathered dress train just quite yet, but you can still use them to add flair to other facets the wedding. Feathers can give off a romantic and whimsical vibe while still being modern and trendy. A huge benefit of the feather trend is they are relatively cost effective. Adding them to a price conscious bridal bouquet can make it appear more full and glamorous. The possibilities are limitless to what you can accomplish with this up and coming trend! Check out some more fun ideas from photos below!

Written By: Kelsey Juern

Photo Credits: Pico Soriano Designs, Carrie Patterson (Fine Art Weddings) and Melissa Bagley Photography